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I'm over the moon that "Assassination On The Latin Bridge" is now out in paperback - just in time to coincide with the centenary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28th June 2014.

It's a terribly sad anniversary. Obviously, the events of that day led to a horrendous snowball of pointlessly squandered life, with over sixteen million killed. The cost in terms of emotional trauma is impossible to quantify. But it began with the needless waste of the lives of the victims - and I include the young assassins in this.

Alongside "The Bronze Sentinels" and "The Testament of Doctor Polidori", "Assassination On The Latin Bridge" properly launches an ambitious series of novels and short stories set around the adventures of Gallie MacKerrichar and Robert Tulliver. The Gallie stories will be contemporary fantasy, skewed towards Young Adult - he's my Harry Potter. Meanwhile, the Tulliver stories will be historical fantasy and more adult in tone, but suitable for the Young Adult audience. As always, it is my burning passion to make history exciting and accessible to developing minds - young and old!

If true-life film & TV anecdote is more your thing, please check out "The Hidden Extra" and it's sequel by following the link at left.

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